Management Accounting is not only cost accounting. Management Accounting handle many facets of internal business analysis across all the activities and processes, which are kept in-house. These include not only valuation and product costing, but also sales, stocks, clients, competitor analysis, trends and forecasting. The main aim of Management Accounting is acting as a Decision Support System. That is, the Management Accounting instruments, help business leaders to use to drive decision-making and conceive the long-term vision and strategy. Almost 90% of companies want a specialist “methodologist”. He determines how many reports should be and who should prepare  them. What indicators will be used and what formulas need for getting the data in the reports. In consequence, companies often faced with the problem, when the Profit exist, but there is no Money.   

        Wrongly to manage the accounting based on the accounting chart of accounts. Understanding all of the above, our company of experts helps to build a high quality Management Accounting, which acts as a Decision Support System for top managers.